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Welcome! I would like to share my amazing transformational journey with you in the hopes that it can help you in your spiritual journey. I have developed practices that have healed many aspects of my life, that some consider unhealable.... addiction, a toxic marriage, an explosive divorce, a high conflict custody battle, the untimely death of my mother, parenting depressed and suicidal teenagers, supporting my teen's gender transition and imprisonment, 

I am the author of a transformational spiritual memoir, Exalted Quest.

I am  a yogi and certified yoga teacher, currently serving full time in business and finance at a spiritual community in northern California. Prior to this, I have held leadership positions as an MBA/CPA in non-profit and corporate organizations for over two decades.

I have studied both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions from such texts as A Course in Miracles, The Untethered Soul, Autobiography of a Yogi, Radical Forgiveness, and the Bible. I have been in recovery from alcohol abuse and a toxic marriage for over a decade. My life was transformed through a unique practice of mindfulness that harmonizes the intellectual realm of thought and the emotional realm of the heart. I have twin young adult children, who are my source of strength and inspiration.

#Author of the transformational, spiritual memoir, #ExaltedQuest. Expert in #yoga, #mindfulness, #meditation, #spirituality and #healing.

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What if you could heal relationships, break through strongholds and be free of the shackles that bind you

to negative experiences from your past?

What if you learned to use your challenging emotions as a portal to a higher way of being?

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