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For many years and through many crises, I despaired at the disparity between my life experience and the spiritual teachings I explored. While I was inspired and encouraged by the words of saints and sages, I did not understand how to activate divine power to transform myself, cope with difficulties, heal my wounds, cultivate mutually beneficial relationships, and experience divine love. I couldn’t make it real. I couldn’t activate the wisdom and power in my own life.

Increasing desperation brought me to my knees before the divine, finally demanding that I be comforted, instructed, and healed. Teachers and teachings appeared to reveal the next steps in my journey. Increasingly, I sought to change myself, my attitudes, and my beliefs to allow the divine to enter and change me.


Slowly at first and then more quickly, I watched as stubborn aspects of my life changed as I transformed. Moreover, each step revealed deeper insights and truths, a higher perspective, more compassion, and release from anxiety and fear. This quest became the purpose of my life as it healed my life. The teachings came alive for me.

My challenges are of the garden variety that touch every life, family, and organization. As I see others struggle as I have, I feel compelled to share what I have learned in the hope that it will help others. I have seen firsthand that it only takes one person changing for an entire family to transform. I hope this book touches that one person who is willing to change for the benefit of many around him or her. Each of us who does our part contributes to the healing of humankind. It is the highest purpose for our lives. As our consciousness ascends to the higher realms, the view gets better and better.

Each one of us is on a quest to evolve toward and discover our divine nature. We are distracted from this quest by conflicting goals, desires, fears, obstacles, past failures and challenging circumstances. We exalt our quest as we learn to harmonize our unruly thoughts and difficult emotions with our life lessons and purpose.

About Exalted Quest: A Spiritual Memoir by Kindred Light

In Exalted Quest: You Have But One Quest to Live, Exalt It, we witness one woman’s quest for wisdom and love despite the traumatic crises she faces in everyday trials. 

Kindred Light shares a personal journey of profound transformation as she finds the higher purpose behind intense experiences of addiction, abuse, divorce, custody battles, challenges of motherhood, imprisonment, and her transgender son’s gender identity journey. 

Discover how Kindred applied deep spiritual principles to moments of pain, transmuting them into pearls of wisdom and compassion. Life isn’t always about changing our circumstances, but changing how we approach our circumstances. 

Be free of your past. Learn the powerful and practical tools revealed through the incredible journey of Kindred Light. 


Author Bio

Kindred Light is a yogi and certified yoga teacher, currently serving full time in business and finance at a spiritual community ashram in northern California. She has studied both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions from such texts as A Course in Miracles, The Untethered Soul, Autobiography of a Yogi, Radical Forgiveness, and the Bible.


Kindred has been in recovery from alcohol abuse and a toxic marriage for over a decade. Her life was transformed through a unique practice of mindfulness that harmonizes the intellectual realm of thought and the emotional realm of the heart. 


She serves others through her writings and coaching in relationships, whether family, work or beyond. 

“The perfect family is the one you have. It is perfect for you

and for your growth.”


When I met Kindred at a Miracles Workshop, I witnessed one of the most profound transformations I have ever seen occur in a person. But even then, I saw only the tip of the iceberg. Everything that came before and after that amazing turning point in Kindred’s life is revealed in this book and it makes fascinating reading. You cannot read this book without being changed for the better by it.

Colin Tipping—Author of Radical Forgiveness

It is always those that have faced the most difficulty that hold a high powered laser beam to light the way for our journey. Kindred Light drew me immediately into her story with such colorful candor and wisdom, that I couldn’t put it down. Her unique way of conveying that pain and suffering can be optional with the right tools is very enticing and empowering.

Sabari L.—Yogi, Minister and Truth-seeker

I got three things from this book: how to distinguish my higher self from my lower self, how to heal my psychic scars and how to delve into my life lessons and purpose. It changed everything.

Jean C.—Coaching Client

Applying the principles of this book has changed my life. Becoming mindful of my ego has helped me to act from a wiser place which in turn makes all those around me happier as well!

Teresa D.—Coaching Client

Each one of us has the ability to transform and expand our consciousness moment to moment, and discover our inherent healing power, creativity, infinite potential. Within this book you, too, will learn how to take the higher path of awareness towards emotional freedom.

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