Identifying and Releasing Vibe Vortexes VVs

Although they cannot be seen on an x-ray or CT scan, they are energetic realities and contain memories, images, conversations, experiences, and emotions. When something triggers a VV, it opens like a flower blossom. The energy is released, and we feel the emotions contained within or relive the experiences. This is why we can become hypersensitive to certain situations that remind us of our past or why we can’t break habitual responses to certain triggers or why we replay scenarios over and over in our minds. The energy of the Vibe Vortex, VV, is compelling and attracts all of our attention. And we all carry a chest full of VVs that can be used to fuel our quest or incinerate our lives.

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What if you could heal relationships, break through strongholds and be free of the shackles that bind you

to negative experiences from your past?

What if you learned to use your challenging emotions as a portal to a higher way of being?

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