Introducing Sir Ego & The Wise One

In each of us lies the heart of a knight on the quest for the grail. With all our passion and might, we seek the grand adventure that will fulfill our wildest dreams and hearts’ desires. We seek what will make us feel whole, satisfied, free, joyful, exhilarated, and, most of all, loved. What makes it difficult in practice are the million and one forms and turns a life path takes—each deceiving us, concealing the direct path, and leading us down glittering streets to dark dead ends.

Unforeseen circumstances arise, disasters loom, and bridges fall. We seek the camaraderie, friendship, support, and loyalty of our fellow knights traveling alongside us in the hope of completing the quest for our mutual benefit. Yet sometimes their rivalry, betrayal, and abandonment confound us and obstruct our paths as they head off on their own quests for their own grails.


There also lies within each of us a wise one who exalts the quest, has the wisdom to overcome the obstacles, and assures our victory when we heed his sage advice. Learning to tune into this loving guide, this inner knowing, transformed the direst circumstances of my life into beautiful diamonds of joy and pearls of wisdom. Silently, he waits for each of us to beckon him to heal our wounds and reveal the highest path for our lives. As part of us, he is available to all, at all times, without regard to race or creed, no matter how far we fall or how desperate our circumstances become. The wise one’s role is to guide, teach, heal, and save us. He gives us hope, inspiration, courage, and insight. He sees both our divine, perfect nature and our paths through our human lives.

The wise one sees our lives from a higher perspective and aligns our true natures, desires, and spiritual growth with the flow of creation, our life lessons and our life purpose. 

The wise one taps into the universal consciousness of humankind— the world of thought and pure consciousness—that links us with creation. Throughout the ages, many masters, teachers, saints, sages, and enlightened ones have embodied this understanding, represented this field of divine love and essential knowledge, and offered teachings of eternal truths. We may think of the wise one as the higher part of our own consciousness, sometimes known as the silent witness, who is able to attune with the universal consciousness and the teachers and avatars that are available to guide us.

Life is a moment to moment choice between these two levels of consciousness. When the wise one is dominant in our consciousness, Sir Ego is effective in his role attending to the needs of the body, such as food, shelter, clothing, transportation - the fingers on the keyboard. The higher consciousness of the wise one should inspire the fingers on the keyboard, the destination of our travel, and the quality of our interactions with our fellow knights. Our life's journey is analogous to an online multiplayer video game in which the wise one directs his knight to interact with the game and other knights. As the wise one learns and masters various aspects of the game, he advances to higher levels in pursuit of the ultimate victory.


My own journey has taught me two very important things. First, choosing the wise one over Sir Ego consistently produced profound healing and transformation in my heart, my mind, my relationships and my circumstances. The wise one helped me learn my life lessons and find my life purpose.


Secondly, we have obstacles to overcome before we can consistently live in the higher state of consciousness and grace. We have energy blockages and scars that trigger us and cause fight or flight reactions. While these are the most important moments to consult the wise one, these are the moments Sir Ego is most likely to react by habit, on auto-pilot. This is the moment we blow it - we overeat, overreact, overindulge, lash out, and misbehave.


These are real energy blockages, tiny tornados, inner volcanos, that hijack our hearts and minds. I call them Vibe Vortexes (VVs for short). When they erupt they contain a vibration, a memory, an emotional state and an imperative to react. The nature of this vibration is determined by the event(s) that caused the blockages in the first place. If we have had a traumatic event, anything that reminds of that event can trigger the Vibe Vortex (VV) to open and we re-experience the thoughts and emotions of the original event.


For example, let's say that I had been robbed by a man in a red jacket at night in a parking garage at knife point. Any of these triggers - a man in a red jacket, a parking garage at night or man with a knife - could cause this VV to open and flood Sir Ego with the memory, fear and thoughts of that event. Regardless of the fact that I am not in danger, I may feel overwhelmed with panic and unable to feel the peace and calm of the wise one. Perhaps the man in the red jacket is asking for directions and Sir Ego is unable to respond because we are overwhelmed with fear.

I believe that these VVs are guides on our spiritual quest. Each one contains the seeds of a spiritual lesson and increasing emotional freedom. Each time we confront the VV, access the wise one and comfort Sir Ego, we evolve. This is what is meant by mastering the ego, we choose the wise one's consciousness even when Sir Ego is triggered.

Learn How to Overcome the VVs

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